Affordable Healthcare House Bill 7

Affordable Healthcare House Bill 7

  The New Mexico Legislative session started January 15, 2024 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  This year is a short session which is a 30 day cycle. House Bill 7 (Stabilize the Affordable Healthcare Fund) keeps the funding levels constant for the Healthcare Affordability Fund, so it can keep affordable health coverage for all of New Mexico.

     House Bill 7 unanimously passed on a bipartisan vote of 9-0 in its first committee vote.  Nicolas Cordova, Healthcare Director for New Mexico Center on Law and Poverty and his network of advocates have worked hard to let the voices of New Mexico be heard.  There are 5 main uses for the fund currently:

  • “Lower premiums for small businesses (6,000 small businesses and 41,000 employees supported by the Fund each month)
  • Lower costs on the Exchange (Nearly 56,500 New Mexicans enrolled—NM’s highest enrollment ever. Most people got plans for between $0-$50 a month.)
  • Provide $0 premium plans to Native Americans who make under 3x the federal poverty line
  • Help people transition from Medicaid to the Exchange after the end of the public health emergency by covering the first month’s premium
  • And is now being used to create an affordable healthcare option for immigrants who are locked out of coverage options”.

     The support of family and friends has helped with outreach throughout New Mexico building awareness and educating.  A constant course of funding resources is needed to provide consistent and reliable health care.  If the bill does not pass the fund stands to receive a shortfall projected between $66-$77 million less in the upcoming cycles.  Stabilizing the Healthcare Affordability Act needs support.  Below is an informational flier from New Mexico Together  for Healthcare advocacy group.  

Community members who come out to support share stories of impact which guides their heartwork.  Being civically engaged and learning to share your story of impact helps to build a community voice.  The three links below are to the NM Legislative website and an educational flier from NM Together for Healthcare so anyone interested in getting involved in learning more on issues which impact them.   

House Bill 7 Healthcare Affordability Healthcare Fund Distribution is sponsored by Whip Reena Szcepanski, Siah Correa Hemphill, & Meredith A. Dixon.  

Committee hearings, public testimony, tracking bills,public polls, floor debates and much more on the legislative home page. Take time to navigate the sites and learn how to utilize live links as a way to connect in the Land of Enchantment 2024 legislative session.

New Mexico Legislature: Home

The bill can be heard on February 5, 2024 at the link below which is scheduled to for House Appropriations Finance Committee :

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