Terms of Service

Terms of Service
Dowa Yalanne Mountain in Zuni, New Mexico. Photo by Sherry Bellson

Get Involved Zuni empowers a marginalized rural community by uplifting their concerns, accomplishments, and voices that are often unseen in traditional media. Our community-first approach has proven to be effective in informing and building deep trusting relationships with Indigenous relatives. It is our goal to promote community health through awareness and education for the promotion of healthy and safe communities by transparent use of public information. This awareness and education will focus on government, policies, and public officials so you can be informed about decisions which affect you, your family, and your community. Through the perspective of community equity, original news reporting along with analysis and opinion.

Get Involved Zuni is a grant recipient of NM Local News Incubator. The development of a digital news outlet along with podcasts follows the guidelines of the Society of Professional Journalists & National Press Photographers Association.

Free to Read & Free to Republish (Hon deu∤ashi’ i:willaba a’dek’yanna. - We will be kind and generous to one another.)

You won’t hit a paywall or get charged for the content on this site. You won’t find ads here, either. 

Our articles are available to other outlets under Creative Commons licensing. If you have any questions about work you’d like to share in your own publication, reach out to sherry@getinvolvedzuni.com

Story Ideas (Don dewan illaba. -  It is your turn; you have a purpose.)

Send your news tips to Editor

If you would like to write a news article or analysis / opinion column, please send an email. It’s the fastest way to get your pitch in front of the editor-in-chief.

Transparency and Ethics (Hon i:yayyumo∤a a:dek’yanna - We will be honest and trust one another.)

We aim for transparent decision-making and news-gathering processes, and as part of that, you can read our ethics policy. 

Corrections (Hon i;yanbeye:na:wa. - We will advice and council one another.)

Our reporters and editors want to know about any errors, clarifications or followup stories you’d like to see in Get Involved Zuni content. Send an email to sherry@getinvolvedzuni.com. We aim for accuracy and appreciate you taking the time to raise your concerns with us.

Editorial Policy (Hon i:yayyu∤ashi’kyana:wa. - We will respect one another.)

Get Involved Zuni offers commentary, which is clearly labeled and separate from our news content. All of our content adheres to journalism’s ethical codes (see above).

In the Zuni language Get Involved is translated into a single phrase. I:woshli'ka (To join, get involved). It is my hope we can connect as community to promote safe spaces