Hon i:wichemana:wa! We will love one another...but let us not forget to LOVE ourselves! In the act of loving anything or anyone we must first love ourselves. Sometimes the phrase gets lost in transit...often taken for granted because actions do not match the words.

Love is a feeling, a deep affection for those who have earned it. The dictionary says that. Most of the time it is unconditional...there are no is what it is. Love can be earned as well as lost. Today let us think about how we show up with love.

If no one told you today: You are a valuable person, Do' ho:i' dehya! Take care of yourself and those you love. Life is to short, take your best life. I leave you with this quote from Katharine Hepburn..."Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get- only with what you are expecting to give- which is everything."

Peace and love on this beautiful day from Zuni, New Mexico.

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