Paid Family Medical Leave Act

Paid Family Medical Leave Act

This morning SB3 will be heard in the Health & Human Services Committee (Room 307) is scheduled for 830 am with Chair Elizabeth Thomson and committee members.  Paid Family Medical Leave Act sponsored  by Mimi Stewart along with support from Christine Chandler, Linda Serrato, and Patricia Roybal Caballero listed on the following direct link to SB3: .

The Paid Family Medical Leave Act had worked its way into NM Legislative committee hearings gaining slow but steady support since 2002 . January 16, 2024 the bill was introduced to committee and passed along for recommendations to pass with amendments attached on February 2, 2024. 

On the February 2, 2024 Official Roll Call Vote for the New Mexico State Senate SB3 passed with a 23 For, 15 Against, & with 2 excused.  The link gives access to the roll call vote information where it is noted as a constituent of McKinley County, my representative, who is a small business owner voted against PFML.

The Paid Family Medical Sick Leave Act could be a life link for small business owners and its employees as well as families working but having to choose between insurance or other necessities.  There are many comprehensive benefits.  New Mexico is a state where families are living paycheck to paycheck and the lack of paid leave often creates a serious economic distress which affects the family’s ability to pay rent, medical bills, or provide nourishing meals. Many times, unforeseen expenses contribute to the risk of becoming indigent. 

Oftentimes we hear the stories of individuals and families having to choose between their job and their family’s health.  During these hard times the financial stability offers support for recovery for the family overall.  Paid Family Medical Leave can lead to healthier families.  It could allow an individual time to take care of their own health or be there to support a loved one during their time of illness.  

Paid Family Medical Leave is for small business owners, employees, & self employed individuals as a basic right.  As working families the recognition that this is not a luxury but a necessity which should be afforded when needed.  Vulnerable populations impacted by domestic violence, stalking, or families or individuals dealing with addiction should be given consideration along with elderly health impacts including elderly abuse caused from neglect.

The ultimate consideration is knowing you will be given the time you need to take care of yourself or help a loved one with their needs.  Following you will meet community members from McKinley County who have shared their stories.  Many thanks to Southwest Women’s Law Center for teaching how SB3 could offer so up to 12 weeks paid family medical leave.

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